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A website to display Sanskrit texts in multiple languages.

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About StotraSamhita

ōṃ śrī gaṇēśāya namaḥ
śrutismṛtipurāṇānām ālayaṃ karuṇālayam  
namāmi bhagavatpādaṃ śaṅkaraṃ lōkaśaṅkaram  
sadāśivasamārambhāṃ śaṅkarācāryamadhyamām  
asmadācāryaparyantāṃ vandē guruparamparām  

In this GitHub repository, we hope to make available high-quality PDFs for printing as well as devices such as Kindle, along with tools to proofread (long-term goal!). Perhaps, it may well be possible to integrate with this page. You are also free to fork these repositories and typeset your own PDFs.


Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to H. L. Prasad for all the super TeX macros that underlie each of the PDFs typeset here.
  • and all its tireless volunteers, for the most comprehensive resource of Sanskrit stuff, and the source text for some of the stotras in here. Thanks are also due to other excellent resources such as Prapatti by Shri. Sunder Kidambi and Shri. A. S. Rajagopalan.
  • Thanks to Saketh Nath and Arun Ayyar and a number of friends and family for all the proof-reading help (detailed credits are in the Preface of the StotraSangraha book.)
  • Special thanks to Ulrich Stiehl for sharing the source files of the Kathaka texts edited by Subramania Sarma
  • Special thanks also to numerous volunteers who populated YajurVeda texts at [] – these form the basis of most of the veda texts here.
  • Diverse books and selfless publishers, who have tried to preserve our rich legacy of stotras, puranas etc.
  • Thanks to Veda Geetha Foundation, San Diego and Veda Circle, Los Angeles, we also now have PDFs in multiple scripts (Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit (Chandas font) and IAST)!



Translipi is an extremely useful tool to facilitate the display of saṃskṛtam texts in various Indian scripts. Presently, it supports, dēvanāgarī, diacritical roman, kannaḍa, malayāḷam, tamizh and telugu. Many thanks to Shri. Srikanth Subramanian for sharing this wonderful tool. Sahityam, also managed by Shri. Srikanth is indeed one of the inspirations for this site.

Mudgala IME

Practically all the encoding was done with the help of Ajit Krishnan’s Mudgala IME.


Another tool that I have used extensively for back-and-forth devanagari/ITRANS conversions, for proof-reading, diffing with other texts and so on is Sanscript.